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Lord Trasyl Returns Putting Something On The Omnitrix That.Makes Whampire Believe His A Knight

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Ben Tennyson



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Lord Trasyl

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(Lord Trasyl Looks Into The Night)

Lord Trasyl That Fool Zs'Skyar Failed Me It's Time That I Defeated Tennyson By Myself

Ben So Least Were Not Going With Rad Anymore

Rook Agreed




Ben Ugh Wtf Is That

Rook Idk Incoming


Ben Ugh We Crashlanded

Rook Least We Didn't Fall

Lord Trasyl Tennyson

Ben Ugh Not This Dickhead Again

Lord Trasyl Oh So I'm A Dickhead

Ben Yep

Lord Trasyl Praphas It's Time For You To Feel This (Shoots Something At Ben)

Ben Ugh It's Hero Time

Whampire Yes

Rook What Did You Do To Him You Vermin

Whampire Rook I Am Sir Lancealot

Rook No Ur Not

Whampire Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Rook What Who Is This Sir Lancealot

Whampire A Night

Lord Trasyl Have Fun

Rook You Come Back Here Ugh Ben

Whampire I Am Sir Lancealot

Rook No You Are Not

Whampire Yes I Am

Rook Ur Being Silly

Whampire Nah

(Meanwhile Lord Trasyl Looks At Whampire And Rook Argue)

Lord Trasyl Fools They Do Not Know I Have Captured 4 Of Ther Plumbers I Have Won

Rook This Is Ridelous

Whampire I Am The Knight Of Lancealot

Rook Fucking Idiot

Lord Trasyl Lewondon See How Tennyson And Bluebpy Are Doing

Lewondon Yes

Lord Trasyl While I Wait

Lewondon Frankston And Kurphnuro Go And Find Tennyson For Me

Kurphnuro Yes Sir

Rook Ben Ur Not A Night

Whampire Yes I Am

Rook Fuck You Are Annoying Me Today

FrankenStein Ha Well We've Come To Destroy You

Rook Fuck Off I'm Not In The Mood Today

FrankenStein Oh Boo Hoo Hoo

Rook Ok Wanna Play It That Way

Whampire Hey Wanna Be A Night With Me

FrankenStein Fuck Off

Lowden You Fools Just Destroy Trasyl For Master Tennyson

FrankenStein master Tennyson r You On Drugs Lowden

Lowden Oh I Meant The Other Way Around

FrankenStein Ha




Lord Trasyl Useless Minus I Guess I Have To Do Things For Myself

Lowden Get Him

Rook Fuck Off Lowden

Lowden You Fuck Off

Lord Trasyl Ecctornurenight Destroy Tennyson

Ecctourenight Yes Master

Lowden Il Get Him

(Whampire Wacks Lowden Into FrankenStein)

Whampire That Was Awesome

Kurphnuro This Won't Be

Rook (Shoots Kurphnuro) Your Right No It Won't

Ecctourenight (Posses Whampire)

Whampire No Lord Trasyl Will Destroy You (Ecctournight Unposses Him)

Rook What Was That

Whampire Idk But Let's Go Do Some Night Stuff

Rook Ugh

Whampire What ashould My Night Name Be

Lord Trasyl Tennyson

Whampire Oh Fuck Off

Lord Trasyl Oh No There's No Need To Be Like That But Since Your Here It's Time To Show You Who I Kiddnapped

(He Shows The 4 Plumbers)

Rook Gasp These Were The Plumbers That Were Sent On A Mission To The Other Side Of The Galaxy You Vermin (Jumps Up But Is Wacked)

Lord Trasyl Ur Attacks R Useless To Me But It's Time To Attack You





Rook Ugh It's No Use Ben's A Night And I'm The Only One Standing (Jumps Up And Presses On His Omnitrix And Turns Him Back Into Ben)

Ben Wow Thanks Rook

Lord Trasyl What It Wares Off

Ben Yeah

(Ben Turns Into Eatell Blasts Lord Trasyl Breaking His Contraller And Shoots aThe Lewodons And The Kuphnuros And FrankenSteins And Then Shoots The Ectournurenights Then Frees The Plumbers And They Escape)

Ben Wtf Was That

Rook Don't Ever Do That To Me Again

The End

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Season 4, Episode 72
Air date 13 September 2020
Written by User:ShahZeb17
Directed by User:Aaronbill3
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