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Ben And Azimuth Fight In The Prossrs Of Getting New Aliens

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Ben Tennyson


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Ultimate Chroamstone


Ultimate Bloxx

Kickin Hawk

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Season 4, Episode 70
Part 2
Air date 30 August 2020
Written by User:The Awesome Jack

User:Sci100 User:TJlive300 & User:Fridge 800

Directed by User:Aaronbill3
Episode Guide
The Vortex Proceeds Part 1
Tie And Tied

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Azmuth It's Time (Azmuth Turns Into Goop)

Goop Oh Man

Ben Rook Go After Thanos I've Got Azmuth

Max Ben What About Me

Ben What About You (Turns Into Chroamstone)

Chroamstone You Can Help Me

Thanos It's Good That Tennyson Is Distracted

(Rook Spies On Him)

Thanos They All Don't Know I've Put A Evil Brain In Azmuth And Soon Il Be The Ruler Of The Universe

Rook Gasp

Goop Take This Tennyson (Trows Goop At Chroamstone)

Chroamstone I Don't Think So (Turns Into Ultimate Chroamstone)

Goop Pathetic

(Ultimate Chroamstone Shoots Goop)

Rook Ben Azmuths Brain Is Not In His Head

Ultimate Chroamstone What r You Talking About

Rook Thanos Has Put A Evil Brain In His Head

Ultimate Chroamstone What

Rook It's An Evil Brain-




Thanos So The Blueboy Has Entered The Chat No Matter I Will Destroy Him

Ultimate Chroamstone Ok This Isn't Working

(Ultimate Chroamstone Turns Into Bloxx)

Bloxx Bloxx Wrong Alien

Goop No It's The Right (Trows Goop At Bloxx) Now Ur Finshed

Thanos Blueboy Your Going Down

Rook Never




Thanos SixSix SevenSeven Get Him

SixSix tyhhffh

Rook Dindt We Fight At The Incurscon Prizen

SevenSeven thhgjhghhxg

Rook Speak English Dickhead

Bloxx Rook Come Back Here

Rook Yes

(Rook Runs Back To Ben)

Rook Ben What Is It

Bloxx Let's Retreat

(Bloxx Turns Into Ultimate Bloxx Goes Into The Ground)

Max We Need A Plan

Rook We Need To Take The Evil Brain Out Of Azmuth

Ben I'm Handling Thanos

Max No Ben You Handle Azmuth

Ben No I'm Going To Stop Thanos You Guys Get The Brain

Max But Ben

Ben This Is The Only Way

Max Ugh Fine

Thanos It's Good That Were Winnginng

Azmuth Yes It Is

Ben This Ends Now

Thanos Tennyson You Finally r Here

Ben Give Azmuths Cereble Brain Back

Thanos Never

Rook Thanos Give Up

Thanos Fools

Ben It's Hero Time

Azmuth Yes We Are

Ben Not For Long Give Me Azmuths Cereable Brain And No One Gets Hurt

Thanos Ur Cerveley Annoying It's Time That You Felt Ur Final Chapter Azmuth Get Him

Rook Oh No

Thanos Yea

Max Ugh

Ben It's Hero Time

Kickin Hawk Oh Yes It's Time That You Went Down Thanos

Thanos Azmuth Reds Take Max SevenSeven SixSix Take Rook I've Got Tennyson

Azmuth It's Time Max That You Got The Mangnet Power On You

Max No I Don't Think So

Azmuth Lodestar

Kickin Hawk Thanos Times Up

Thanos Oh No Tennyson There's No Time.For Games

Lodestar (Turns Into ThanStar Gets Mangnetts To Go Torwards Max But He Kicks Em)

ThanStar Fool It's Time That You Felt My Wrath

Kickin Hawk (Kicks Thanos But Thanos Dodges It Then He Shoots Kickin Hawk But Kickin Hawk Kicks Thanos Into A Machine It Blows Up)

Max (Grabs Azmuths Evil Brain) I've Got It

Thanos No

Azmuth What Day Is It

Thanos Oh Yes The Cereble Brain Is Mine

Kickin Hawk No It Isn't (Kicks Thanos Gets The Cerable Brain Passes It To Max And Max Puts It In Azmuth)

Thanos Impossible

Kickin Hawk No It's Not Impossible

(Rook Kicks SixSix Into SevenSeven)

SevenSeven gghhghj

Thanos Useless Minuns

Rook Ur Worthless

Kickin Hawk (Takes The Glove Off Thanos And Smashs It)


Kickin Hawk Ur Rain Of Terror Ends Now (Kicks Thanos Into A Other Manchine Destroying Him)





Kickin Hawk Let's Go (Escapes With Rook Max & Azmuth)

Azmuth That Was Not My Brain Contraling That Was Thanos'es

Ben Yeah Well He's Tooksb Care Of

(Meanwhile A Unknown Villians Enters The Fight Scence

Unknown Villians Thanos Is A Weakling It's My Turn Now Laughs

The End

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