Thanos Turns Azimuth On His Side And Gives Him The Thanostrix


Ben Tennyson






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Season 4, Episode 69
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Air date 23 August 2020
Written by User:ZeVikingSif

User:NickFusi0n & User:Fridge 800

Directed by User:Aaronbill3
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Thanos Chapter
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Aliens Used By Ben

Ultimate Swampfire



Ultimate Humungarsar


Aliens Used By Azimuth

Big Chill








Thanos So What Will It Be Tennyson

Ultimate Swampfire Oh Man Why Did It Have To Be Azmuth

Thanos Oh Yes Why Did It

Azmuth Where's The Thanotrix Master

Ultimate Swampfire He's Not Ur Master

Azmuth Oh Yes He Is Thanos Explain

Thanos I Kissnappsd Azmuth And Turned Him Evil

Ultimate Swampfire You're A Dickhead

Thanos Oh No Tennyson I'm Not




Rook Ugh

Ultimate Swampfire He's Gem Stones

Thanos Azmuth Give Them The Power Of The Thanotrix

Azmuth Yes Master

Rook Azmuth It's Me Rook Your Rooky Rook

Azmuth Who Cares

Rook ☹️

Ultimate Swampfire Alright Your Going Down

Azmuth No You Are

(Azmuth Turns Into Big Chill)

Big Chill Time For A Big Chill

Ultimate Swampfire Oh Man

(Big Chill Freezes Ulti Swampfire And Rook)

Max Get Away From Them

(Max Shoots Azmuth)

(He Takes Ben & Rook Back To The Base)

Max You Dickheads Azmuth Has Got A Thanotrix He's Quite Powerful

Ben So

Rook Ben He Defeated Us Out There

Ben Yeah Because We Werent Proppeared

Rook No Because His Out Thinking Us

Ben Nah

Rook Ya

Ben Nah

Rook Ya

Max Enough Your Both Not Gonna Get Thru Him With This Bickering

Ben Well What Do You Think We Should Do

Rook Yeah Old Man

Max Ugh

Thanos That Was A Good Start Now With His Cerable Brain In Place I Have Put In The Evil Brain Soon Tennyson Will Die

Azmuth Yes And What About Me

Thanos You My Minun Will Be Apart Of My Plan

(Ben & Rook Are Runninng)

Rook Azmuth

Azmuth Took

Rook It's Rook

Ben Azmuth Your Going Down

(Ben Turns Into Astrodactyl)

(Astrodactyl Goes To Swoop Azmuth But Azmuth Turns Into Than Chill And Wacks Astrodactyl)

Astrodactyl Ugh

Than Chill Oh Yes

(Meanwhile Thanos Arrives On Arrival Planet)

Thanos HaHaHaHa Soon The 6 Gem Stones Will Be Mine

(Meanwhile Astrodactyl WipescThan Chill He Turns IntoXlr8 And Wacks Astrodactyl He Turns Into Humungarsar)

Humungarsar Ha It's Time That You Went Down

Xlr8 Oh No Thanos Will Sucseed

Humungarsar Never

Xlr8 I'm Going To Kill You

(Humungarsar Wacks Xlr8 Xlr8 Turns into ThanXlr8 And Shoots Humungarsar)

Humungarsar Wanna Play That Way

(Humungarsar Turns Into Ultimate Humungarsar And Shoots ThanXlr8 Then He Shoots Him Back He Turns Into Diamondhead)

Diamondjead Now This Is A Fight

(Diamondjead Wacks Ultimate Humungarsar)

(Ultimate Humungarsar Shoots Diamondhead)

Diamondjead Ur Going To Pay

Rook No Ur Going To Pay

Diamondjead (Wacks Rook Pick Ultimate Humungarsar) It's Time To End Ur Life

Wacks Rook And Picks Up Humungarsar

Diamondjead Your Going Down

Ultimate Humungarsar No

(He Wacks Him)

Diamondjead Ugh

Ultimate Humungarsar (Shoots Diamondjead)

Diamondjead Ugh

Thanos Enough I've Had Enough Of These Games As Said I've Received The 6 Gem Stones I Will Be Invisible With Them It's Time (Fusses With Them) Yes Yes Yes

Ultimate Humungarsar Thanos Ur Going Down

Diamondjead Do not Touch Him

(Diamondjead Goes Than Head)

Ultimate Humungarsar What Have You Done With Azmuth You Dickhead

Thanos Oh Nothing Really SixSix SevenSeven That Dickhead Psyphpn Had These Reds I Reprogrammed Them To Work For Me Azmuth Come

Azmuth Yes Master

Max Thanos This Is Enough

Thanos Max Tennyson The Greatest Plumber In The Universe You Will Help Me In My Quest To Rule This Universe

Azmuth What

Thanos Azmuth You Will Finish The Boy

Azmuth Yes

Ultimate Humungarsar Enough Of This (Turns Into Eatell Blasts Thanos But The Red Takes The Attack For Thanos)

Eatell Oh Man

Thanos I Am Unstoppable Azmuth Finish Him SixSix SevenSeven Let's Go

Azmuth I'm Going To Enjoy This

(Eatell Turns Back)

Ben Oh Man

To Be Contined.......

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