Plot Edit

Ben Remembers A flashbak When malware was a Retarted Fuck Also Gwen Is Beeing a Faggot

Charcters Edit

Ben (11 And 16 Year Old)

Rook (cameo)

Gwen (11 Years Old Only)

Max (flashback only)

Azmuth (only flashback)

Blukic (cameo Flashback)

Driba (cameo flashback)

Villians Edit

Malware (flashback and Present)

Aliens Used By Ben 11 Edit

Four Arms


Transcript Edit

Ben Its time

Rook for what

Ben A Tale About The Past

Rook ugh fine

Ben I Remember The Time That Malware Thought Me

(5 Years ago)

Malware fool im more fun than you

Ben Npo Yoiur Not Your Weak

Four Arms In Your Face


Gwen im so Bored

Max Dont Be a Baby Gwen

Malware Il Absorb The Omnitrix YES YES YES


Ben ugh

Max ben no

Azmuth Ben Go Xlr8

Ben kk

Xlr8 awww Yeah

Max Froot loops

Xlr8 Ha Malkware In Yo8ur Face


Malware Noooooooooooooooooooooo-


(5 Years later)

Ben and Thats The End rook rook awww Well

The End

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Season 1/2, Episode 24/1
Arms At work
Air date 11 May 2012
Written by Dwanye McDuffie

Charlotte Fullerton

Directed by User:Planet awesome
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