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Vilgax Cracks The Seal Dagon Traps Him And Driscoll Goes Into Old George And Dies Old George Picks Up The Sorwad And Becomes The Frist Knight

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Driscoll Old George Prepper For Doom

Old George No You Die (shoots him and asorbs him) (evil laugh) That Moron Vilgax Is Next

Ben So Wheres max

Gwen There

Max Ugh

Gwen Lets Get Out Of Here

Kevin Guyz We Need To Go

Vilgax Yes Yes Power I Feel It

Old George The Sorwad Vilgax Or Die

Vilgax (laughs) Yiou Old Man Hun


Old George Now Your Doom

Dagon no your doom you 86 year old poot

Old George I Will Become 58 Thanks To The Sorwad And NOW I AVE TE POWER

Dagon Vilgax come

Vilgax Noooooooooooooooooooo-


Sir George Im Bak Bitches

The End

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Season 1, Episode 16
Powers Come
Air date 25 March 2011
Written by William Fouracres & Kevin Rubio
Directed by User:Pillowcokie
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