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With Sir George Back George Joins bens co as they escape The Null Void

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George Yes Finaly

Ben quick Fasttrack

Fasttrack AWWW YEA

Ben ugh There Oh No Waybig

Terraspin awww yes Now You 3 Get On

Ben Ugh

Max Jump

Ben Jump

Gwen Jump

Kevin Jiump

George guyz we must form a allance

Kevin old man u again

George I Am good Now

Ben Ok

Max Now Thatr Were A team lets get driscoll

George Actley He died i killed him befor

Max Yes

Azmuth ahhhh So Now that The Guyz Have Formed Up We Better Get Reddy

Condet foolls

Georgew guyz my asshole forever dushbags are not here Guyz We Will Beat The Guyz To The Throne

Ben So wheres Lets Go Home

(at bens house)

George guyz What Ever We Face We Will Have To Stoip These Dicks

Ben kk

Gwen and our pasts were stupid

The End

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Season 1, Episode 17
The Knight Joins Bens co
Air date 31 May 2011
Written by Seth McDonald
Directed by User:Planet awesome (directord By)

Glen Jaz (art-directored by)

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