From One Place To Another is the pilot episode of Dreamland.

At night, a boy was dreaming. And when dreams are happening, the soul goes to the magical world of Dreamland, where we control everything; this place is in everyone's mind. Anything can happen. We can fly.We can make a building fall if we want. We can make things which is not even possible to make. 



The boy was walking across the road, where cars were flying across the road.And then the boy saw another boy named Lokesh.

Lokesh : Hi! My name is Lokesh.Are you Elton?

Elton : Yes and why are you asking, we both are classmates remember.

Lokesh : I know! I know! Just playing wiith you.

Elton : By the way, where is the building I created.It was reaching till the sky.

Lokesh : I don't know!

Elton : Then create something new.

Lokesh : OK.Recreate your thing too.

Then suddenly another boy appeared, his name was Sriram.

Sriram : Hi! Lokesh.

Lokesh : Hi Sriram.

Elton suddenly vanishes.

Lokesh : Where did he go?

Then he suddenly comes back.

Lokesh : I am going to create a Phone-a-pocket-watch-car.

Then he created it then all of them saw a watch in Lokesh's hand.

Elton : Just a watch!

Lokesh : No! It is Phone-a-pocket watch car.

Elton: Whatever!

Elton recreates his big sky tower.