Plot Edit

Ma Vreedle Tells The Vreedles To Do A Shit Out Side The Plumbers Base So Max Can Suffer Cate

Charcters Edit



Max (Boid In A Mask)


Villians Edit

Ma Vreedle

Vreedle Brothers

Doddy Vreedle (cameo)

Aliens Used By Ben Edit



Transcript Edit

Rook Ahhh A Nice Summer Day

Ben I Want Sex

Rook Me Too Im 27 Years Of Age

Ben Okay

Sandra No stop being Pussys All Of You Cunts

Ma Vreedle Ok reedle ur Pathetic Other Plan Failed

Oct Vreedle But Mqa @Were Sorry

MNa Vreedle You Aay Sorry Evrey Time And It You Mess It Up Again

Rook Um

Ben I Thionk Its Time To Check Out Ugh Omnitroixs Down

Rook haha Thats Cause Im Eating

Ben kk

Rook Rip A Dick Sucker

Ben GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]


Sandra Ugh Stop Being A Pig

Ben me

Sandra No Skinny Man Over There

Ben ugh

Ben Riook Cant Even Do Anything Right

Max ikr Ben Dont Judge Your Poo

Ben (puts his finger in his bum and smells It) (fantis)

Max Laughs

Boid Vreedle Fool I Just Tricked You

Boid aND nOW iTS mINE

Boid Yes Finaly At Long Last Its Huh


rook Ben Wake Up

Oct V Too Late Fool

Rook Not Late Eongh

Ben (wakes upin pooland)

Ben Huh No

Man no ben your being a shit you must not judge ur poo as Boid Said

Ben Yes

Ben Ha

Boid V You Again

Ben Um Yea

Boid Blast Him

Ditto Fuck Yeah


Boid No


Ben Lets Go

Rook Yes

Ben Ha

Xlr8 Yes

(the 2 Rook And Ben As Xlr8 Zoom Out Of There And The Walls Crash On The Vreedles)

Ma Vreedle So Your Back

Doddy Vreedle Can I Get A Ticket

The End

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Season 1/2, Episode 56/33
Rook Eats Shit
Air date 28 October 2013
Written by David McDermott
Directed by Peter Salmon
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