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Season 1, Episode 1
Air date 19/4/2013
Written by User: InterspaceMaster
Directed by User: InterspaceMaster
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Escape From The Earth Part 1


Kai fights Sharon and defeats her in an elemental duel, enraging Sharon, making her become violent to him. 


It was night. A teenager, presumably 15, answering to the name of Kai, walked across the river bank, levitating fire. He saw a ball of water fly across the lake at him.

(Kai, creating a fire shield to protect himself): Hey! I wasn't ready yet, Sharon!

(Sharon, laughing): I had to be ready for an hour and a half. You were late for this battle.*spreads hands out and waves start appearing on the river, crashing at Kai*

(Kai): You want fight? You got one! *does a series of taekwondo moves to create fiery sparks sparkling on his hands and feet* 

(Sharon): Uh, what's that supposed to do against my water Waves?

(Kai): It's supposed to IGNITE THEM! *shoots fire at the waves, pushing them back at Sharon*

Sharon is drenched head to toe with water. She becomes angry, and puts her hands up in anger.

(Sharon): This was my best dress! *screams then scrunches her hands into a balled fist; the river freezes*

Kai trys to run over the ice to comfort her, but is attacked by the ice spikes sprouting up from the icy river. He is blasted across the river and into a tree and frozen to the tree.

Kai feels the ice and melts it easily. What he didn't know was that Sharon was right behind him and she created a ice fist and punched him all over the body. Kai flopped onto the floor, unconsious. Sharon kicked him away, hmphed, then ran all the way home. 

Later, Kai woke up. He was in a rocky cage. Men with sombre hats glared in at him.

(Kai): Who are you?

(End Of Episode)

Character Debuts/Element Move DebutsEdit


  • Sharon 
  • Kai
  • Sombre Hat Men

Element Moves/HeroesEdit

  • Fire Lamp
  • Water Ball
  • Fire Shield
  • Ignite
  • Water Waves
  • Freeze
  • Ice Spikes
  • Ice Fist