Charlie Monas was just a boy with extraordinary powers unnoticed by his parents until he received a scholarship to St. Swirly's School For Talented Individuals.

​NEW YORK, 10:00 AMEdit

A letter flew through the postbox, with a green and gold striped seal, with the writing: 

Charlie Monas

Reply in black ink.

Charlie Monas was just waking up. His goldfish, Goldy splashed around in its tank, wetting him. But he had his hand out, and some of the water formed into a ball, levitating above his hand. Charlie yelled and ran around his room, trying to stop the water levitating. He shook his hand saying,'Weird! Water, levitating!' Outside, the letter seemed to hear his voice and zoomed through Charlie's window and knocked into Goldy's bowl. Charlie went towards the letter and opened it. (see letter below)

Charlie ran into his parents bedroom and shoved the letter into his mom's hand. 'Read it! I've got a scholarship to a school!' said Charlie.

Charlie's mom instantly looked at the letter, read it twice, blinked then went to sleep.

'Don't give me fake letters, Charlie.' she muttered.

'You don't believe me. I'll show you HYDROKINESIS!'

Charlie's fists ball up and a ring of water circles up around him. He grabs hold of it and lashes it around the room, then commands the water to freeze.

'That was hydrokinesis and cryokinesis.' mutters Charlie's dad.

Elemental Talent
Elemental Talent/Book 1 Part 2