As Trump Rules Again Edit

He Frist Appres When Donald Trump Wallks Into His Home Damanding A Omnitrix Azmuth Gives Him It Then Trump Kiddnappes Him And Ben & The Co Find Out About This And Go To Rescue Him At The End Azmuth Takes The Trumptrix Off Donald Trump & Ben And Trump Is Arrested

Azmuths Beard Comes Alive Edit

Myaxx Comes Runninng In To Tell Azmuth About The Burglers That Stole His Code From The Secret Room For Ther Master Then His Beard Gets Off Him And Escapes He Tells Ben That The Beard Is After The Omnitrix Ben Then Hangs Up His Beard Attacks Ben But Ben Mangers To Defeat It At The End Azmuth Gets His Beard Back And He Tells Ben Hes Got the Fusiontrix He Then Leaves

Donald Trump Returns Edit

He Returns After Donald Trump Steals The Trumptrix Again

Apprences Edit

Triva Edit

Hes Set To Appre In More Eps Of Ben 10 Morons

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